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Pixel Gun 3D

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A simple, pixelated first-person shooter for casual mobile gamers

Pixel Gun 3D |
updated on June 21, 2021


Free-to-play and you aren't forced to spend real money
Simple to pick up and play
A great variety of maps, weapons, game modes, and customizations


Lacks depth to keep you entertained for a long time
Pixel Gun 3D
Price: $
Some mobile games are quite casual and they can be played simply to kill time while waiting in line or when you get bored in class. Other games are becoming as complex as console/PC games were several years ago. Finally, some games walk the line between these two categories.

Pixel Gun 3D is a prime example of this. The game is a pixelated first-person shooter where you can create your Minecraft-like avatar and shoot down other players in a variety of different maps and game modes. You can customize your avatar before entering the battle. The game's variety manifests itself through a large number of character customizations, weapons to use, game modes to try out, and maps to navigate through.

Game modes support up to 8 players in a single match. You can also play in teams of four players and use chat/voice chat to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents. The gameplay is quite simple. The button layout is pretty much the same as for other Android first-person shooters. By default, your character starts shooting as soon as your crosshair is aimed at an opponent.

Even though everything in the game is pixelated, it still looks well-designed and stunning. If you are a fan of that concept, you will definitely love it. We love the fact that you can open the game and start playing in a matter of seconds and you are not forced to go through needless additional content.

Despite the game's variety in all fields, the gameplay doesn't feel serious enough and this will hardly be your go-to first-person shooter. It's great to kill time but it lacks depth which draws mobile gamers to first-person shooters in the first place.
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